About Jenny

Name: Jenny

About Me: Hello Readers! My name is Jenny and here are a few fun facts about who I am and what I am all about :) 

My greatest passion in life is to sing! I have a very strong passion and love for the arts and all kinds of art forms be it music, visual, fashion, performance etc etc Which now leads me to a few of my hobbies…
I love singing vocaloid and anime covers on youtube, drawing, painting, shopping, playing video games and all sorts of things your typical 21st century girl might be into ;3 My favorite color is Red, my lucky number is 6 (but my favorite number is 4 haha), and my favorite midnight snack is chocolate chip cookies with milk! 

I’m here to collaborate with Yumiko on topics such as music, fashion, and maybe some art (why not :P ) ! Look forward to our posts!

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  1. This is such a cute photo of you! Good luck with your blog adventures. Let's collab sometime