Sunday, June 9, 2013

New Music Cover~!!


Yumiko here!

Aaahhhhh, I've been so busy with Psycho Bando, Oishii, and work!!

But I have some exciting newwws!!! Psycho Bando will be performing at Anime Expo this year, and I will be joining them as their singer!!

I am muchoos excited!! 

Anywho~ I finally have a cover up on my youtube~

Come check it out!!

While Jen's going through her pink wig phase, I'm going through a blue wig phase (> ∇ <);;

Anywhooo~~ until next time, ttfn - tata for now!!


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Updates from Jenny!

Hey all! So I haven't really been at ALL diligent with blogging. I'm sorry v.v *kisses your feet* forgive me... e w o; 
But here's what's new with me! Last I blogged I mentioned performing with fellow Oishii Pro member Chikage of Oishii! Kiwi at Reni's maid Cafe'! It went fairly well I suppose, but next time is sure to be better!

So in other news, I've gotten a summer job as a sales associate! It isn't too bad in fact it's pretty easy work so far. Just putting clothes away and helping out customers. I've got this in the bag!

And speaking of things I've got... I also got myself another wig!
It's originally platinum blonde. I tried to dye it to a pink but the dye wouldn't take, despite it being made out of real hair. There might be some kind of coating on it preventing the dye to stay though? So anyways, I used spray dye for now :P I think it does the job!
I also really like the hairstyle and am seriously considering getting my hair cut like this when it gets longer or atleast, for now, getting my fringe cut in that nice little circular bang shape.

Oishii!Project in general has been pretty quiet with everyone going through finals but now with exams ending things are sure to pick up again :) so please stay tuned!


Jenny         = w =)v

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Birthday and Iron Man!

Hi all~ Yumiko here~

Waaahhh I've been so bad with keeping up with blogging. I'd gotten so busy preparing for performances!! I had one this past weekend for a cancer relay.

Before that, though, I had my birthday party! Right when I got back from Texas.  So I was tired, but I had fun! We had dinner, did purikura, and then karaoke!

Here's some of the purikura we did~

Here's just a few of the awesome people I got to see! None of the boys wanted to do anything with purikura so they stayed outside the booths, hahaha! 

Two days later, I was treated to a belated birthday breakfast from two of my girls from work! We went to Sugar Rush Cafe.

I was so happy to find that they did latte art there!! I've always wanted to see latte art for myself - outside of pictures.

We ended up each getting something different so that we could all share the meal! 

Looooved the place! It's just so funny that after working at a restaurant, you start noticing little things you probably didn't notice before. Like, we ended up talking about the service and how... interesting it was (> ∇ <);;. The guy taking our order stopped in the middle of us saying our order to flip a switch somewhere out of the way. He also seemed slightly impatient and snappy when taking our orders. Oh wells - didn't let that spoil my meal. 

The food was good, I'm hoping to come back again sometime for brunch.

These past weeks have been eventful. One of the things I'm excited about is Lolita Dark's Tokyo Status Event

I will probably be performing with Psycho Bando that evening and will also compete at the "Red and White" karaoke battle. We're meeting tomorrow for rehearsal~

So these past two weeks, I've been pouring over music, trying to get them all memorized and ready for this coming Saturday. BUT that doesn't mean I didn't have any down time for myself~

 This past Thursday, I went to go watch the Iron Man 3 midnight premiere!!
I dressed up and camwhoaared hahaha!! So here are a few pictures of my look~

I ended up going to sleep around 4:30 AM and I had work the next day - probably not the smartest thing to do. I was dyiiiinggg and falling asleep! So no more midnight premieres for me if I have work the next day.

I hadn't watched Iron Man 1 and 2 yet, but I did watch the Avengers, so after watching this, I want to watch the first and second ones so badly! LOVED the movie! And if you guys haven't gone yet and plan to go~ stay until after the credits for a little something extra

WHOOO~ long update post, but I made it! Hahaha! Now it's time to sleep~

Good night!


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Together Forever

Hey guys! Yumi here~

My grandpa and grandma have been with each other since the age of 17. Many that knew them said their love was one of the greatest love stories ever told. 

My grandpa passed away 5 years ago, and since then, my grandma had been coping with her grief by writing letters to him. Each letter ends with a 'good night my love,' and in one, had written that she couldn't wait for the day they will be reunited.

Yesterday, we had the viewing at the funeral home, and today was the funeral service at the church/ burial.

There's me fooling around a little before leaving for the viewing (*゜v゜)

My mum took all the pictures - the rest of us were busy with stuffing tissues in our eye and noses

There's my brother, baby sister, and grandma.

I was really conflicted with whether or not I should post about the viewing and funeral service. I finally decided that I want people to know this amazing wife, mother, grandmother, and servant of God. There must have been more than a hundred people at her service. She had left her mark in many people's lives, and I want to share with people the celebration of this beautiful life.

After the viewing yesterday, we went over to eat at Cousin's BBQ - about a 20 minute drive from the funeral home.

On the way, we drove through many, MANY fields. Texas is extremely spread out compared to California. It's like BUILDING, then like..... fields... for a mile or so - then it's like BUILDING AGAIN! Very different from California. It's beautiful! Both places are beautiful in their own way♡

So here's the place we visited. LOVED the decor! 

There was a whole bunch of these kinds of signs around~


The food was GOOOD! 

The next day, we woke up around 6 in the morning to get ready to leave for the church at 8:30. 

We ended up having like an extra hour on our hands OTL and we could have totally used that hour to get some extra sleep in. 
Anyways, I ended up not taking pictures at the church ~ we were all too preoccupied. However, when we got back, some of the church members had prepared some food - so I took pictures of that 
(> ∇ <);;

It was a looong day, and I got so sleepy around 4:oo 

But even though I had rest, I'm still very sleepy right now! It's been an exhausting two days. 

Now I chall leave you guys with a picture of me and my baby sister. Probably the only picture you guys will see of me from today (*゜v゜) after the church service, all the crying made everyone look terrible (> ∇ <);;

Maw Maw, even though we'll miss you here, I'm happy that you can finally reunite with Paw Paw.


Friday, April 12, 2013


Hi Loves! Yumi here~

So I'm no longer at hooome in Cali~ I'm over in Texas right now.

The reason I'm here is actually pretty grim and quite saddening

My grandma from my stepdad's side passed on, so we're all gathered here for her funeral.

Although she is no longer here, I do believe that she is in a much better place now with my grandpa
I'm supposed to sing two songs: Bach/Gounod's Ave Maria and Bette Midler's Wind Beneath My Wings.

I was practicing the first song for the first half of my day, but I need a break.


We actually just got in yesterday, so I took a few pictures while we were in the airport as well as on the airplane!

Here are some of the stores we went to at the airport.

If you guys look at the picture above, they have a bunch of travel sized products boxed up in little individual packages. It's soo interestiiiingggg!!! 

Goodbye Cali!!

We had two flights total and had to transfer to another plane after landing in Arizona. 
The first plane BUTT UGLY, smelled funny, and was probably one of the smallest, unkempt planes I've ever been on. The pouches attached behind the seats were dirty, and even the magazines and brochures inside them looked completely worn, tattered, and stained. The windows were so dirty that some of the pictures I had taken looked hazy because the windows were dirty.

Second plane was much bigger, a lot more comfortable, and was loaaadss cleaner. 

This is the tea that I drank on the second flight. And as you guys can see, the magazines and brochures are clean enough that I feel safe touching them and looking through them. (> ∇ <);;

In the picture above, that thing to hold up your head while you're sleeping - I think I'd be too embarrassed to own something like that

After a total of about... was it 3 hours? Maybe even 3.5 hours - we made it to Texas!

Well~ it's about time I get back to practicing!