Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Updates from Jenny!

Hey all! So I haven't really been at ALL diligent with blogging. I'm sorry v.v *kisses your feet* forgive me... e w o; 
But here's what's new with me! Last I blogged I mentioned performing with fellow Oishii Pro member Chikage of Oishii! Kiwi at Reni's maid Cafe'! It went fairly well I suppose, but next time is sure to be better!

So in other news, I've gotten a summer job as a sales associate! It isn't too bad in fact it's pretty easy work so far. Just putting clothes away and helping out customers. I've got this in the bag!

And speaking of things I've got... I also got myself another wig!
It's originally platinum blonde. I tried to dye it to a pink but the dye wouldn't take, despite it being made out of real hair. There might be some kind of coating on it preventing the dye to stay though? So anyways, I used spray dye for now :P I think it does the job!
I also really like the hairstyle and am seriously considering getting my hair cut like this when it gets longer or atleast, for now, getting my fringe cut in that nice little circular bang shape.

Oishii!Project in general has been pretty quiet with everyone going through finals but now with exams ending things are sure to pick up again :) so please stay tuned!


Jenny         = w =)v

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