Monday, April 8, 2013


Hi guyys!!~ This is Yumiko♡

For those coming in from littlepinkprincesses, welcome to my new blog! I tried Ameba because of the adooorable layouts and emotes on there, but I soon realized that - with the speed that I read Japanese at - I don't have too much time on my hands to slowly figure out what does what. So I'm moving back to my blogger home and starting anew from here.

This time, I dragged a friend along~ Jenny

You guys will get to meet her soon enough~

For those who don't know me~ 

I'm one of the Californian gals running rampant on the west siiiide♡ 
I looove music, fashion, songwriting, acting, takingpictureslikeatouristwat?, cats, Chanel, green tea, Victoria's Secret, lashes, working out, and FOOD

I write original music ~ of which I have 2 only as of right now ||| OTL 

BUT!! I am working on a third one♡ 

Feel free to listen to my tunes and covers on

Come join us in our musically fashionable adventures/mishaps/tutorials/reviews/songs

Thanks for tuning in!

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